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Testing 1 2 3

Testing 1 2 3… is there anybody just like me?

February 16, 2011   No Comments

New Job – New Server

Sorry I’ve not posted for a while, been really busy at work (MEN) working on the new site, however next Friday is my last day here. I’m leaving for pastures new. I’m soon to be the new development manager for Set Fire Media.

I’ll be working mainly with RoR but still a bit of Perl – as a result I’ve been playing with Rails for a couple of weeks now, and all I can conclude is that RoR might as well be Catalyst with Moose and a different templating front end. You can certainly see where the ideas have crossed over!

With regards to the new server, this is now a new server running Cherokee rather than Apache, so we’ll see how things go!

March 18, 2010   No Comments

Welcome to

Welcome to, the replacement for All the content from, has been imported here. The idea is that we should hopefully be able to get a couple of Perl or other Dev related blogs going on here and have them on etc. will be an aggregate of these blogs, and perhaps some other content. So hopefully more good content soon to be appearing!

April 25, 2009   No Comments

New Server

If you are seeing this then you are an the new server….. woo hoo. If not then your DNS hasn’t updated yet, but I guess you wouldn’t know that as you still can’t see this!

March 28, 2009   No Comments

There’s probably no god

“There’s probably no god, now stop worrying and enjoy your life”

I knew these campaigns were running in London, but was surprised to see it on a bus in Stockport. Never heard a religious message proclaiming “There probably is a god”!

January 24, 2009   No Comments

Happy new year

Sorry, I’m not actually dead… I’ve actually been posting loads recently, just not here. I’ve been concentrating on my photography blog for a while. New camera and not working much over Christmas, kinda lead me to work on my photography a little more. Anyway, I’ll be back with some Perl love soon I’m sure!

January 5, 2009   No Comments

Year in Photos… have an article with the year in photos. There are another two pages of photos too if you follow the links at the top. Some of the phtos are awesome, some are grusome!

December 22, 2008   No Comments

CPAN not playing nice…

Just been trying to set some modules up using the CPAN shell on my server and was having some terrible trouble with modules all failing to make, with no real error message. All that was reported was “Not OK”.

So I hit the console and tried to manually make one of the modules and that worked fine. After some more digging I discovered that for some reason the config variable telling cpan where the make binary wasn’t set, so a simple “o conf make /usr/bin/make” and now everything’s hunky dory.

Silly CPAN.

December 21, 2008   No Comments

Math Joke…

An infinite number of mathematicians walk into a bar.

The first one orders a beer.

The second orders half a beer.

The third, a quarter of a beer.

The bartender says “You’re all idiots”, and pours two beers. ”

November 24, 2008   No Comments

Devel::NYTProf Screencast

Tim Bunce of DBI fame has made his screencast from OSCON this year. It’s about Devel::NTYProf. If you haven’t used it, it’s an awesome module and well worth watching the screencast. Most amusing is perhaps the lack of the audience getting his British humor!

Devel::NYTProf was originally made by the good people at the New York Times and Tim took it over fairly recently. It kicks Devel::Dprof’s ass, so go take a look.

October 19, 2008   No Comments